Is this Vegas stripclub reservation service free?

Yes, Our service provides free admission to all the most well known stripclubs in Las Vegas listed on this site. In addition to free admission you will be picked up in either a limo, party bus or SUV also totally free. No credit card or personal information is required.

Free admission to stripclubs and free limo. What's the catch?

Our agreement with the club requires that every person agree to a 2 drink minimum instead of paying a cover charge. The 2 drink minimum is collected at the door in exchange for 2 drink tickets. Drink tickets are redeemed at the bar. Brands of alcohol vary from stripclub to stripclub.

If I get the free ride to the club how do I get back?

All the stripclubs are a minute or two off Las Vegas blvd and taxi's are on property to take you back. If you have a large group and would prefer to take the same car back, tell the driver that you'd be happy to tip him for a ride back. Figure $3 per head with a minimum of $20. Let him know how much and ask if you can text him when you're getting ready to leave.

Can I specify what kind of car picks me up?

No. It's usually determined by the size of your party. Big group = big car, small group = smaller car.

How do I make a free reservation?

Go through our site and look at the reviews of the stripclubs. Choose a club that appeals to you. Complete the free reservation form on the page of the stripclub you want. You will get a confirmation sms and email.

OK, I'm inside the stripclub. Now what?

The first bit of advice we'd give you is to pace yourself. You can blow through your budget very quickly. We find the best way to have a good time is to have a drink or two and survey the land. You'll be saying no thank you alot during this time to girls that are offering you lap dances. Feel free to chat it up with them a bit but be respectful of their time too. If you have no real desire to get a dance from her, let her go make her money. You don't want her talking bad about you so other girls stay away from you.

How do I ask a stripper for extras?

"There's no sex in the champagne room". lol. Some girls get frustrated with the rejection and they pull out all the stops. Usually if a girl is willing to do something a little more than norm you won't have trouble spotting her. Her hand will gravitate towards your zipper. Most likey because her rent or car payment is due.

If urgent, you can call us at (702)758-5277