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Stripclub At a Glance: strippers of all shades, excellent food, action at a high level

Treasures Las Vegas is exactly as the name suggests. Your hopes are justifiably high when driving to Treasures Gentlemen’s Club and it never disappoints! A Las You’ll find at the gentlemen's club the strippers you like, regardless of your taste. Gorgeous Latinas, big boobies, tattooed blondes, green-eyed beauties, among others. You cannot help your senses getting overloaded as you walk into this topless club. There are also Las Chicas muy bonitas here! No worries if you forget to blink your eyes!

Best things about Treasures club is that it appeals to every men regardless of the type of girl that you may be into. You can enjoy with different type of entertainers lik tattooed blondes, White, Russians, Latinas, and Blacks. The Treasures club also famous for natural beauties and mix of surgically enhanced dancers. In side the club fantastic setting for everyone and you can enjoy in group.

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2 Free Drinks

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  • Open 7 days a week. 7:00PM to 5:00AM
  • Valet Parking:
  • Food: Yes
  • Free Limo: Yes

More About Club

  • Treasure Club Address: 2801 Westwood Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Strippers of all shades
  • Full Bar: Yes
Treasures Stripclub Las Vegas
Treasures Club Party Vegas

Treasure Strippers Casting a Spell

Italian manor theme has been used for creating the club, providing the perfect background to the strippers to cast their spell. The club foyer has an oversized chandelier and winding staircase made of imported marble. A steakhouse, set to the right of the foyer, serves up the best steaks you'll find at any club in Las Vegas. The steakhouse ensures you get stuffed with good food before enjoying your time with the beautiful female dancers in your bachelors’ party or birthday party.

Action at Eye Level

The main room of the Treasures Stripclub has three stages and you can see at least one stripper on each. The Dancers keep switching between the stages so you don’t need to fret if the one who you like is on the far side of the room. Take a few breaths and she’ll be over to your side by then. The main stage is low enough to keep the action at eye level and enhance the experience. Seeing these pulsating girls dance on the elaborate main stage is a spectacle you’ll remember for years to come. Female Dancer perform on a neon go-go pole and they know how to keep you mesmerized. The placement of tables and chairs between the stages makes it convenient to get a lap dance table side. You’ll find a buffet along the left side of the main room during select times. You can also hire semi-private rooms with glass doors in the far left corner of the club. You can have your champagne in the room tucked in between the buffet and semi-private rooms. Booze up with as many bottles you want once you come across that special dancer who gets you to pronounce ‘ah!’. For more privacy taking your entertainer upstairs to the 2nd floor or the champagne room which can be found tucked away close to semi-private rooms but beware bottle prices wil different inside special room, but it’s another option for when you find that special Treasure Stripper.

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treasure hunter / 06.28.2017, 13:18

+0 -0

8.7 ""buried" Treasures gentlemen's club"

  • +Very good gentlemen's club by all measures. Happy about the free transportation otherwise I never would've found this place even though it's huge and you can see it from the freeway. Stan was our floor host and he really took care of your group and made us feel like regulars even though it was our first time at Treasures Las Vegas. Been to the one in TX, don't know if it's the same owners.
  • -little too dark, some more lighting would be good. A Las we just had to feel our way around :-)

Filip / 05.14.2017, 04:35

+0 -0

8.3 "Treasures club in Las Vegas"

  • +I got a chance to drop in Treasures and like it a lot. Id say they got very a luxirious environment for respectful guests going out of their way to surprise you to the upside like the same attitude I get in Zavistbar - two of my favourites clubs now. Soon as we had come in a stunning beauty approached us to show around. We we gonna celebrate a friend's hen party so we first ordered some lunch with booze in the restauatsnt of the ground floor. Then we landed in the main on a coach. Hot Latinas were booty dancing in dizzling wear. Our bachelor picked a hot stripper to go private upstairs so we bought him coupla dances. There;s more fun and privacy one-on-one on the second floor, groovy music, branded bubbly. Awesome!
  • -Quite pricey, transportaion is a bit late