Sophiaís Gentlemenís Club Vegas

Sophiaís Gentlemenís Club combines elegance with a whole lotta sexy. Talk about the perfect bachelor party, the club offers eight private 10 x 12 VIP rooms, a big stage, and a lineup of hot mamas. Awoogah! No shirt, no shoes, no service. Be smart and dress to impress. These ladies want to see you just as much as you want to see them. Side note: All locals get in FO FREE! That gives you more money to throw at the ladies, or pay for a little something extra if you know what Iím saying. Embrace the sin in Sin City and channel your provocative

It's not one of the darker clubs in town, but the interior looks good. It has been totally remodeled since the old Badda Bing days. Itís a two-level club. The main room is downstairs with a big central stage, a couple bars and a small VIP room for 3-song dances. A domestic beer costs $8. Upstairs is for high-rollers. No drink costs less than $16 upstairs (so consider yourself warned). This is where the 30- and 60-minute VIP room is, as well as the swank private suites. Thirty-minute VIP dances in the group VIP are $200 (plus $50 for drinks). Sixty-minute VIP dances in the group VIP are $400 (plus $100 for drinks). No private booths in either VIP.

  • Sophia's Stripclub Package $40

  • 2 Free Drinks
  • Free Limo from Your Hotel
  • All Taxes Included!
  • Reserve Now and Pay at Club

Sophia's Hot Strippers

Sophia's Strippers

Sophia's Club Stage

Sophia's Club Stage

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Sophia Club Dancer

Sophia's Club Inside

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